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Vityaz with clear victory over Slovan

Picture: HC Slovan Bratislava

On September 23, HC Vityaz and HC Slovan Bratislava faced each other on the ice rink. HC Vityaz could live up to its previous success and secured its third victory in a row against HC Slovan Bratislava. It was a clear victory for Vityaz. A 4-0 win over Vityaz against Slovan Bratislava. It is now the third game in a row the Vityaz wins.

Both teams went into the first third break with a 0-0 tie. After Ivan Petrakov scored the 1-0 lead, the game ran smoothly for Vityaz. Alexander Kulagin scored 2-0 before the end of the second period. Slovan Bratislava’s performance then decreased and conceded two more goals in the third third and finally had to face a 4-0 loss.


For Vityaz it was an important victory as they now only lag one point behind the eighth rank. In contrast to Vityaz it does not looks so good for Slovan Bratislava which are currently ranked second to the last in Western Division and are eight points behind a play-off rank.

WINGAS is looking forward to more action on the ice.