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Offensive support for Dinamo St. Petersburg

Picture: HC Dinamo St. Petersburg

Dinamo St. Petersburg signed forward Daniil Zharkov for the upcoming season. The 23-year-old can already look back on an international career which he started in the MHL, the junior league of the KHL. With only 16 years he had his debut in the MHL for the Silver Lions. He then was quickly transferred to the US, where he played in several junior leagues. During his three-year stay overseas, he played in the "US Junior League" and the "Hockey League of Ontario".After having returned to his home country, he joined the team from Nizhny Novgorod and was also invited to join the training of the higher KHL team. Last season, he played six games in the KHL and 32 games in the next lower league. In addition, the striker is once again courted by the youth national team.


WINGAS is looking forward to work with Daniil Zharkov.