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EC Kassel Huskies


EC Kassel Huskies 


Kassel, Deutschland


Year of founding




DEL2 (German Ice Hockey 2. League) since 2014/15 season


Kassel Ice Arena with ca. 6,100 spaces

Most notable achievements

  • German Vice Champion 1997
  • German Runner’s Up Cup Winner 2004
  • DEL2 Champion 2008 and 2016
  • DEL2 Vice Champion 2007
  • German Youth Champion 2004

2016-17 Roster (as of October 2016)

No. Nationality Player Position Date of Birth
6 GER Kevin Maginot FL Forward 25.07.1994
8 GER Feodor Boiarchinov Forward 22.06.1993
9 GER Manuel Klinge C Forward 05.09.1984
13 GER Michael Christ A Forward 26.03.1989
15 CAN/ GER Carter Proft FL Forward 30.08.1994
17 GER Toni Ritter Forward 06.01.1990
21 USA Jack Downing Forward 24.01.1989
24 CAN/ GER Austin Wycisk Forward 09.10.1980
62 GER Philipp Schlager Forward 22.07.1986
64 CAN Braden Pimm Forward 28.12.1989
4 GER Dorian Saeftel Defense 18.04.1995
7 USA Drew MacKenzie Defense 17.12.1988
22 GER Marco Müller Defense 22.11.1990
26 GER Florian Kraus FL Defense 12.09.1995
28 GER Corey Mapes Defense 22.06.1992
29 FIN Esa Lehikoinen Defense 17.04.1986
50 AT/ GER Mathias Müller Defense 05.11.1992
78 GER Alexander Heinrich Defense 30.10.1987
1 GER Patrick Klein Goalie 01.01.1994
30 GER Mirko Pantkowski FL Goalie 26.05.1998
35 GER Markus Keller Goalie 19.08.1989

C: Captain, A: Assistant captain, FL: Youth player with double license for DEL and DEL2

Head coach: Rico Rossi

EC Kassel Huskies at a glance

Since the 2016/17 season, WINGAS is the proud co-sponsor of the DEL2 club EC Kassel Huskies. Ice hockey is deeply rooted in the history and social life of the town of Kassel and is regarded as the region’s sporting “flagship”. Since the club’s founding in 1977, its many fans have followed the home matches in Kassel’s Ice Arena.

The Kassel Huskies are the founding members of the German Ice Hockey league (DEL) in which they proved themselves between 1994 and 2005. The team celebrated its most notable win in 1997 as German Vice Champion and, in 2004, as German Runner’s Up Cup winner. In the same year, the youth team of the Kassel Huskies won the championships.

Challenging years followed in which the club fell into the DEL2 due to a lack of sporting success. Here, however, the Huskies were able to maintain their place at the top thanks to their consistently strong performance. In the 2008/09 season they succeeded in climbing to the DEL again. After professional playing was temporarily stopped in 2010 for financial reasons, the Kassel Huskies have again been playing in the DEL2 since the 2014/15 season where they won the championship title in the 2015/16 season.